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Apartment Remodeling Naples FL

Apartment Remodeling

Naples Apartment Remodeling
Apartment Remodeling in and near Naples Florida

Apartment Remodeling in Naples

If you don't own your apartment you still have the option of renovating - and the most likely candidate for that in a rental is the kitchen. That's where you'll achieve the most convenience, and savings.

Here are some kitchen remodel ideas you can follow no matter what the size of your apartment:

  • Replace the hardware. This is a small change but with huge impact. Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs come in a variety of styles.
  • Add an island, and use it for extra counter and storage space.
  • Install shelving and smart storage. Floating shelves, pegboards, pot racks, and hooks.  This will improve the efficiency of your kitchen, and they're all completely removable.
  • Install floor carpet, tiles or wood with your preferred color and pattern.
  • Brighten the walls with wall paper or paint them.  This can cover up rental imperfections.
  • Replace non-quality faucets.
  • Upgrade the lighting - add lighting under your cabinets to brighten up your kitchen, and use LED lighting for energy savings.
  • Install a ceiling fan for electric savings.
  • Modern kitchens can use up to 2,000 watts for lighting because incandescent, halogen, and xenon lights are not energy efficient. You can switch to cool-burning compact fluorescent lights.

Even though you are renting, you can make your home personal and comfortable.

Apartment Remodeling in and near Naples Florida
Apartment Remodeling Naples FL
Naples Apartment Remodeling
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