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Common Area Remodeling Naples FL

Common Area Remodeling

Naples Common Area Remodeling
Common Area Remodeling in and near Naples Florida

Common Area Remodeling in Naples

A well-designed clubhouse or lobby renovation can boost the bottom line by transforming the statement you make - the first impression - and play a role as a valuable revenue-producing center.

  • We can do interior remodeling of your entrance lobby, providing a welcoming environment for visitors, and staff.  New finishes on walls, ceilings and floors as well as new furniture, artwork and lighting will create a refreshing transformation without the need for structural changes.
  • Consider a new reception area, a food service and bar area, or a redesigned communal table and seating area.
  • Consider an elegantly designed bar that offers residents a common meeting area. The first thing to consider when remodeling your bar is the counter surface. To re-create the setting of a cocktail lounge, go with classic materials such as granite and marble.
  • Install hanging lights with dimmer switches and rope lighting around the bar's perimeter. Decorate with mirrors and paintings that adhere to the theme you have chosen.
  • Your lobby can feature a new entranceway, flooring, furniture, signature pendant lighting, and artwork.

These additions will be a welcomed improvement to your property, your owners and their guests. A restored lobby will increase apartment values and act as a luxurious entry and meeting space for residents and visitors.

Common Area Remodeling Naples FL
Naples Common Area Remodeling
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