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Multi Unit Remodeling Naples FL

Multi Unit Remodeling

Naples Multi Unit Remodeling
Multi Unit Remodeling in and near Naples Florida

Multi Unit Remodeling in Naples

If you have a Multi-Unit project, we can provide kitchen and bathroom remodels in a variety of sizes and configurations, and make them all in the most cost effective way to brighten your surroundings and enhance long-term client value. Here are some ideas:

  • Opt for open shelves instead of upper cabinets to provide display space and make a kitchen feel larger.
  • The most popular kitchen update is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a high-tech range hood, or an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator.
  • Add texture and a variety colors with ceiling tiles.
  • Classic white subway tile with a beveled edge is an inexpensive, yet high-impact, backsplash material.
  • Freshen up walls, cabinets, and ceilings with a coat of signature paint.
  • Brighten your room with a ceiling light, and under cabinet lighting.
  • Add floor-to-ceiling custom wine storage.
  • Get the appearance of hardwood and the durability of tile with natural timber, cinnamon-glazed porcelain floor tile.

For a bath remodel, you can texture the ceiling, install a new exhaust fan, add a shower light, build and install a custom vanity with a granite top, trim and paint the mirror, install custom tile floors and a new toilet along with new lighting and a completely new paint design.

Whatever your remodeling plans are, we can execute them.

Multi Unit Remodeling Naples FL
Naples Multi Unit Remodeling
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