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Stucco Remodeling Naples FL

Stucco Remodeling

Naples Stucco Remodeling
Stucco Remodeling in and near Naples Florida

Stucco Remodeling in Naples

The ancient Greeks and Romans painted wall frescoes onto fine-grained hard plaster surfaces made of gypsum, marble dust and glue. During the Renaissance the Italians elaborated stucco techniques and this spread throughout Europe. Because of its reasonable cost and the variety of ways to take advantage of it, stucco siding has been utilized for millennia, and Florida homeowners can benefit from the many applications.

In its basic form, stucco is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and lime.

Typically seen in Mission or Spanish-style architecture, stucco lends itself to virtually any application. Depending upon the climate and the desired texture, a variety of types of cement are used in the stucco mix. The advantages are numerous.

? Natural beauty

Stucco's inherent natural beauty has for centuries enhanced structures around the world. It simply looks great on any type of architecture. It has been the preferred finish of discriminating builders, from lavish villas in Europe to modest abodes of Native Americans.

? Unlimited textures and colors

The finish possibilities are infinite, smooth to course, interesting variety; it is unique among the decorative finishing materials. It can be used to provide highlights, depth, and continuity.

A nearly unlimited palette of colors that only need painting is available to provide a uniform finish for your most lavish designs. Imagination is the only limitation.

? Durable and long lasting

For centuries, stucco has been known for its durability. Its performance in a variety of climates, enduring wet/dry and desert heat, has made stucco the global standard in cladding materials. Synthetic stucco has been developed to overcome moisture issues and is quite durable with the benefit of providing additional insulation.

Other reasons to use natural stucco include a high degree of energy efficiency and low upkeep. It also expands and contracts with the weather, which minimizes cracking. Stucco can last up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced.

Stucco Remodeling Naples FL
Naples Stucco Remodeling
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