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Window Remodeling Naples FL

Window Remodeling

Naples Window Remodeling
Window Remodeling in and near Naples Florida

Window Remodeling in Naples

Windows affect home aesthetics as well as energy use. If you’d like to minimize your heating, cooling and lighting costs, choose an energy-efficient skylight. 

A remodeling can include switchable privacy glass in the bathroom.  This type of window has a layer of plastic laminated between layers of glass.  The plastic is milky white until you trigger a small electric current, which lines up its molecules and then it becomes clear.  This is an elegant way to switch from garden view to privacy.

There are a variety of window styles:

  • Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common.
  • Casement windows swing open on one hinge, which can be vertical or horizontal. They provide excellent ventilation in small spaces that may be hard to reach.
  • Sliding windows have panels that slide along a horizontal track. One or more panels are usually fixed in position.
  • Fixed windows that do not open are often used as accent windows to let in light and to show off a view.
  • If your budget is tight, storm windows are less expensive than new, energy-efficient windows.
  • Choose window treatments that allow you to use natural light while reducing the heat gained in your house when the weather is warm and lost when it's cold.
  • For storm protection, use impact rated windows and doors.

Compared to the single paned windows you may have in your existing home, today's windows are about twice as efficient. In most climates, there's no need to spend extra on upgrading to even higher efficiency than that. The standard double-paned glass, with insulating argon-gas between the panes, and heat-transfer-blocking low-emissivity coating are extremely efficient and draft proof.

Your choice of windows adds the desired character to each room.

Window Remodeling Naples FL
Naples Window Remodeling
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