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You and your family spend a lot of time in your home entertaining, relaxing and just living. You want to be comfortable and enjoy your surroundings. If you have wanted to make some changes and improvements to any part of your home, now is a good time to finally get them done.



Your business environment should be comfortable and inviting for both your employees and customers or clients who visit. Time for a remodel? We can help with all aspects of construction from design to lighting.



With so many flooring choices available, it is important that you work with a company that can not only do the install but can also help you choose the best flooring to fit your needs.


Man Cave

This is the place to kick back and relax while you watch the game over a couple of cold ones with your best buds. Let us help you create the ultimate customized man cave.

We are a home remodeling contractor serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and South Fort Myers, Florida

Living Room
Pool Deck

When you decide that you want to remodel one room in your home, your entire home or want to add an addition, don't just go out there and hire someone to do the job. You should have a game plan for getting the job done right.

Here are the steps you should consider before starting a new remodeling project:

It is a good idea to start with a plan. This includes how much money you want to spend and the time frame for the project (from start to finish).

When working on a new remodeling project you should allow for an extra 20 to 30 percent above your anticipated budget in case something comes up (ie during the renovation something is uncovered that was unknown like the need to upgrade electrical work or waterproofing an area).

Check with your insurance company to find out how much more coverage you may want to add for the new addition or renovation or if it would be more cost effective to re-evaluate your whole policy.

Hire a licensed and insured local contractor and check their reviews. This is an extremely important step because choosing the right person can help ensure your renovation or new addition is completed smoothly, properly, on-time and within budget. Also, they will make sure all work is done to code and with all of the proper permits needed to legally do the work (from demolition to the work done behind the walls, painting, new flooring, cabinetry and final touches like back splashes, lighting fixtures etc...).

When you work with SWF Construction we help you every step of the way from planning to completion. When you visit our showroom, you can see and feel all of the materials that we have to offer so that you will be absolutely happy with the look of your new addition or remodeling project.

We have the experience to get your project done right and we provide excellent customer service so that you will be relaxed and confident while your new addition is being built or your remodeling project is being done.